"It is not in the stars to hold our destiny but in ourselves."

--William Shakespeare



I work with clients who hope to:

  • Take their careers to the next level
  • Achieve an appropriate balance of work and life
  • Become more efficient in the execution of their work
  • Gain insight about their brand from their key stakeholders
  • Improve their professional confidence
  • Hone their executive presence
  • Tell their story
  • Build their network
  • Manage their time more effectively
  • Inspire excellent performance from their teams


  • Michael R., Tax Partner
    “Marty is great at getting you to open up and be real with her, and more importantly, yourself.  She is willing to reveal and share things about herself that let you know holding back and avoiding personal truths is only going to waste time on the journey of where you are trying to go together.   She was totally invested in my professional development and she had no real ability to hide it.  I felt like we were a team and we shared common goals. Marty is a strategic communicator.  She talks just enough to get you to start talking and then hears you out.  She is great at parsing through what you are saying and getting to the crux of it.  I believe that without Marty's investment there is a high likelihood I would not have made partner at my firm, or, at least, not as soon as I did.”
    Michael R., Tax Partner
  • Traci H., Tax Director
    “Marty is extremely easy to talk to about anything.  More importantly, she creates an undeniable sense of trust and I always felt that she had my best interests as her top priority.  As a leadership coach, Marty is always engaged, remembers exactly where we left off and stays in the moment.  She managed to keep our discussions focused, but balanced my emotional aspects with our desire to stay focused on progress.  She is extremely respectful of my time and comes prepared to every meeting so that our work is efficient and productive.  My coaching sessions with Marty were always about me and my career (and even my personal life) and we only deviated from that topic at my request or initiation.”
    Traci H., Tax Director
  • Meghan S., HC Director
    “Marty has the unique ability to blend business acumen into her executive coaching and customize her approach to hone in on the right developmental areas that will accelerate the progression of professionals into leadership positions. She immediately builds trust with her coachees and colleagues and is creative in guiding us to help ourselves!!  She is one of the most authentic professionals that I have been fortunate to work with and I continue to recommend her to friends and colleagues as an executive coach who can tap into inner strengths that often we didn't even know we had!”
    Meghan S., HC Director
  • Smitha K., Tax Director
    “Marty is a fabulous coach and I was very lucky to have been able to work with her at this stage in my career. She really helped me become more self-aware, reflect on many areas I otherwise may have overlooked, and in the process, gain a lot more confidence.  She always brought great perspective and very relevant (and often funny) examples that always made our coaching sessions fun and also something that I always looked forward to.”
    Smitha K., Tax Director
  • Bruce D., Tax Director
    “One of Marty’s greatest strengths is that she reads people very well and is intuitive about a person’s tendencies.  I believe this has led to her success as a coach.  Prior to participating in the Coaching Leadership Program with Marty, I was hesitant to express my desire to advance within the firm as I was concerned with being perceived as too pushy.  In our initial meetings, Marty picked up on this very quickly.  Had she not exhibited these strong intuitive skills, I do not believe that I would have made the career progression that I have made and been promoted.”
    Bruce D., Tax Director
  • Simona V., Tax Director
    "Marty is an amazing coach. I had been lucky to work with Marty during one of my most stressful periods of my career. With great questioning and listening skills and while putting herself in my shoes, Marty helped me find multiple solutions and options for my difficult situations which allowed me to pick the best path forward. One of the most unforgettable moments experienced during my coaching sessions with Marty was when she and I did a role-play. In mirroring my behavior she enabled me to see how I was interacting with others in a very constructive way. This exercise generated deep awareness on specific behaviors that potentially were holding me back and allowed me to change for the better. I am glad I had Marty in my life and I can only hope that her great coaching will touch as many people as possible."
    Simona V., Tax Director
  • Jennifer S., Tax Director
    “Marty had an amazing ability to tease out of our conversations underlying concerns and issues I faced, and together we tackled them and developed effective strategies.  After coaching with Marty, I felt inspired to pursue my career goals with confidence.”
    Jennifer S., Tax Director